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    I just recently purchased a Ram 1500 with the 12″ screen with U-connect. The problem with Android auto is that it is not compatible with the large 12″ screen and it only displays in half the screen, there is no support for the larger screen.

    Will your product be able to display full screen map/video/app support for full 12″ in the Ram 1500?

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    As long as you have Android Auto factory installed on your stereo, then you can use CarDroid. You’ll need a touchscreen as well.

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    I know that, perhaps the better question would be what display formats/resolutions will this support? Most cars have a standard 4″-6″ display screen, which Android auto works perfectly.

    My truck has a 12″ screen, Android auto does not natively support 12″ displays. Can your software support 12″ display resolutions?

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    It will simply never work the way you want to and it’s not a limitation of Android auto or cardongle. The 12-in screen in the ram is not designed to allow Android auto or car play to use the entire screen. Most of the screen is dedicated to truck functionality and only the native map application can go full screen as I understand it…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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